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Roof Cleaning London
Roof Cleaning London
roof cleaning buckinghamshire
roof cleaning buckinghamshire
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Roof cleaning hertfordshire
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Roof cleaning bedfordshire

AWC specialise in roof cleaning and roof renovation. We are experts in cleaning moss, lichen and algae from roofs on both domestic and commercial properties using a process called Softwash.

Our team of professional roof cleaners work all over the Bucks, Oxon, Beds and Herts area.

The British climate is a perfect breeding and feeding ground for moss, algae and fungi. The northern face of any roof is a potential breeding ground for all types of spores that can lead to the growth of moss, algae and fungi. If left untreated you may be left with an unsightly roof but also potentially more serious problems.

Repairing the roof of your home can be extremely expensive but is a cost you can avoid with regular cleaning and maintenance.

The benefits of roof cleaning include:

  • Improving the look of your home thereby adding value
  • Protecting and extending the life of your roof
  • Protecting your home from damage e.g. water damage caused by moss growth

AWC can clean concrete, tile, slate, wood or metal and provide an excellent service, ensuring that your roof cleaning experience is fast, safe and affordable.

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Softwash roof buckinghamshire

Our roof cleaning methods

We will assess the safest way to gain access to your roof, usually a roof ladder is sufficient but occasionally we will use scaffolding or a cherry picker.

Any areas that won’t be treated will be protected with tarpaulins and plastic sheets.

We will clean your roof by first removing the moss, algae and fungi by hand where possible then softwashing the area using a hypo cleaning chemical that will remove the remainder of any growth. This approach means your roof is treated as gently as possible reducing the risk of any damage to any tiles.

Once the roof is clean and clear of moss and debris we will treat it with a biocidal wash. This is an entirely safe chemical that prevents any further growth for up to 10 years although it is recommended that the roof is treated with a biocidal wash every 2 years.

Gutter cleaning is included as part of your roof clean. We will remove any blockages and ensure that your guttering is working as it should.

During the roof cleaning process, we are also able to provide the following roof maintenance services:

  • Replacement of missing, damaged or broken tiles and slates.
  • Repair work for flashings, valleys and lead works.
  • Repointing of chimney stacks.
  • Repairs to gutters, downpipes, fascia or soffits.

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