Aylesbury guttter cleaning

Some of you may have seen window cleaners cleaning windows with a water fed pole then leave the window to dry. To some it may seem that window cleaners are just using normal tap water to rinse the windows and leaving the water to dry. I’ve heard some people question the effectiveness of such practice and wonder if this method really cleans windows. At Aylesbury window cleaning we provide the highest quality of window cleaning that we possibly can by using traditional window cleaning methods and modern pure water. I like to take the time in this post to explain the use of pure water and why it can benefit everybody.

If you use regular tap water to clean a window and do not wipe it dry then deposits are left on the glass, this is because of the naturally occurring minerals in our drinking water such as calcium, sodium, iron and copper are left on the glass.
Water spots on glass and cleaning without purified water
White spots on glass left by un-purified water
The picture above shows what will happen if you leave regular tap water to dry on glass and can be difficult to remove, often needing a deep clean to return it to normal clean clear glass. As a window cleaner I often see windows in gardens, windows next to hanging baskets and conservatories with these white spots on them after the house owner has watered plants and the water from the hose has been left to dry on the window. This is what window cleaners work hard to avoid.

Window cleaners purify there water using a method called reverse osmosis. Using a reverse osmosis machine that cleans the water through a combination of filters the water is purified to the point were no deposits will be left on the windows. Water is usually made in a lock up that the window cleaner owns, they have a reverse osmosis system that can produce thousands of litres of water a day, this set-up can often cost thousands but window cleaners know the benefits.
Why do window cleaners go to all this effort to clean windows when the traditional methods appear much easier and more cost effective? Well there are two strong reasons. The first is safety, by using pure water and a water fed pole a window cleaner and clean windows without the risk of falling off a ladder. Secondly by using pure water and a water fed pole the window cleaner can clean those difficult windows that have never been possible to clean such as the ones above a conservatory or on the side of a house with no room to put a ladder.

At Aylesbury window cleaning we use both traditional and pure water cleaning methods to provide the best service we can to our customers. If you would like to discuss pure water any more then please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask us next time we are cleaning your property.