Roof Cleaning FAQ


How do we clean the roof?

We assess each roof to ensure that we use the appropriate cleaning methods.
Generally, we will first remove any moss by hand. We then use a bio friendly cleaning chemical. This process is called softwash and safely removes moss, algae and lichen without causing any damage to the roof.

Do we use pressure washers?

We may occasionally use a petrol pressure washer however this is only used on very stubborn growths and will always be set at the correct pressure.

Does the moss, algae or lichen really damage my roof?

Over time moss, algae and lichen can spread causing damage to your property and potentially requiring parts of your roof to be repaired or even replaced.
Moss can also be problematic for guttering, causing blockages and increasing the likelihood of water damage to your walls.

I only have a small amount of moss, algae or lichen will it get worse?

Some houses experience the problem more than others. During winter the plant life goes dormant but will often grow and spread in the Summer months becoming unsightly whilst also increasing the chance of damage to the roof.
During the cleaning process we treat all roofs with a biocidal wash that kills all moss, algae and lichen and prevents the regrowth for up to 5 years.

Will the roof cleaning damage my roof?

Although every precaution and great care is taken, on occasion a roof tile may be broken or pointing may become loose, however we will replace and repair any damage to your roof.

How long will my roof stay clean?

As part of our roof cleaning process we use cleaning chemicals that reduce the reproduction and growth of all plant life. Depending on the roof location the roof can stay clean from 3-5 years and with regular application of a biocidal wash the roof can stay clean for as long as you want.

What chemicals will be used on my roof restoration? Is it safe?

There two main types of chemicals that we use, each chemical is mixed and diluted to ensure its correct use.
We use various solutions of Hypo (Sodium Hypochlorite) which, in it’s undiluted state, is corrosive but when mixed correctly with water is entirely safe. Of course, all precautions are taken to ensure safe application.
To treat the roof after cleaning we use a DDAC (Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride) biocidal wash which is completely safe, even in an undiluted state. The biocidal wash is approved by the Pesticide Control Service and the Health and Safety Executive in the UK as meeting all EU health, safety and environmental protection standards.

How long will it take to clean?

Each roof clean will require a different approach but an average 3 bed semi will take 2 men 1 day to clean.

How will you access our roof to do the clean?

We will assess the roof clean requirements prior to the clean. Depending on best access and safety requirements we may use either roof ladders, rope access, scaffolding or cherry picker.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in the cleaning business for 5 years with over 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured for both Public Liability and Employers liability cover up to £10,000,000

We are able to visit the business and provide you with a comprehensive proposal to ensure that your business receives a quality cleaning service. We are covered with public and employee liability insurance and have staff that are certified IPAF operators that can work at heights and safely undertake high level cleaning jobs.


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