It is a common misconception the windows should not be cleaned in the rain as the rain will make them dirty again.  This is not true at all.  The windows often look dirty again after rain because they are dirty in the first place and the rain move the dirt around the window often leaving streaks of grime. 

Windows need cleaning because they get dirty not because they get wet.  In the past rain was a problem as the chimney smoke would attach to the rain droplets and leave a residue on the windows, this no longer happens.
These days the reason windows get dirty are dust, pollen, insects and bird droppings.  Having your windows cleaned in all weathers reduces the amount of dirt, grease and grime at all times and allows more light into your house. 

In the UK if we avoided having our windows cleaned when it was raining they would never get done.  Here at Aylesbury Window Cleaning we clean windows rain or shine as long as it is safe to do so, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and prompt service and working in all weathers ensures we keep on schedule.

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