Here at Aylesbury Window Cleaning we use traditional window cleaning methods that have proved the test of time and enable us to offer a quality service to our customers. We use tried and tested techniques that require an eye for detail using soap applicators and squeegees. It was in the 1930s that the modern window squeegee was developed by Ettore Steccone using a rubber blade. Ever since window cleaners world wide have been using the squeegee and what is known in the trade as the ‘fan’ method. Here you can see the very first squeegee, very similar to the squeegee used today by Aylesbury Window Cleaning.


Ettore steccome New Deal squeegee circa. 1930s

The fan method involves a series of strokes and turns that lead the water away from the leading edge of the squeegee, when these strokes and turns are completed the dirt and soap are removed from the glass leaving a clean streak free window.

We use ladders to reach windows up to 2nd floor height as well as using poles to reach windows with difficult access. We follow the health and safety guidelines for safe ladder use following the Work at Height regulations 2005 and use poles to reach awkward areas.  We have public liability insurance and are covered upto £1,000,000 in damages.