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Est. 2013

We are a family run professional window cleaning service based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Husband and Wife, Colin and Terri run the cleaning business with the intention of providing Aylesbury a quality and reliable cleaning service for the cleaning of domestic and commercial properties.

As well as window cleaning we can offer you roof cleaning, office cleaning, gutter cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, cladding cleaning, full house valet servie and many other cleaning services to the outside of your house.


Please make payments via bank transfer.

It is important that you use you address as the payment reference, this way we can track what payments have been made, without the address it becomes very difficult to track every payment and it may lead to us having to contact you regarding payments.

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Water Fed Pole Cleaning

We do all of our window cleaning with the water fed pole method, you may have seen windows cleaners use these reach and wash systems and wonder how it works. It works by using water that has been filtered removing all of the minerals and fluorides that you would find in normal tap water, this water is so clean that it dries perfectly clear.

As you may be aware when you leave tap water to dry on a window it will leave a mark on the glass, this is the minerals and other chemicals that are present in the water, if enough dirty water is left to dry on glass many time a thick white deposit can build up and can be very hard to remove. The water we use does not leave any marks on the glass, the water rinses off the dirt and leaves an amazingly clear glass.

In simple terms, the brush agitates the dirt and is able to get every nook and cranny clean on the windows and frames. The water then rinses off the dirt leaving a completely clean window and frame.

By using this cleaning method we are able to provide for the safety of our cleaning staff and are able to reach many windows that traditional window cleaners can just not reach. If you have any further questions please ask us when we first come to do the clean.

AWC has personal liability insurance for up to £2 million that covers all staff, we are a member of the Federation Of Window Cleaners that provides customers with the reassurance that the window cleaners are fully trained and professional. We have an IPAF licence so we can provide you with qualified staff to clean windows, cladding and other fixtures up to 25 metres.

Experts in Window Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, pressure washing and Gutter cleaning

Providing you with the best and most reviewed cleaning service in the Aylesbury Vale. Contact us for a quick and fair price for all your outdoor cleaning needs.